ASROY- Shelter Home and Day Care Center

IMG_7743Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of assault and coercive behavior including physical, sexual and psychological attacks, by a person against one’s own partner. Domestic Violence is a pervasive violence of women’s human rights and is a societal issue that has been resistant to social advances because of its “hidden” nature. Such violence is a problem in every country of the world, especially Bangladesh, and is almost universally under-reported. Bangladeshi Women often don´t have information about the laws and services available to them and cannot overcome the situation alone. The ASROY Shelter Home and Day Care Center programme implemented by TARANGO is a programme that can provide counselling to women and help them and their children to overcome violent domestic situations.

The United Nations defines “domestic violence” as violence that occurs within the private sphere, mainly between individuals who are related through intimacy, blood, or law. The shelter can support them to be independent and improve their life conditions. We also provide a Day Care Center for Children of working women for a small daily fee.

The objective of the ASROY Shelter is to establish a VIOLENCE FREE COMMUNITY and to support women left vulnerable due to abusive households, divorce, those newly widowed and to generally aid in supporting a healthy and independent lifestyle for women and their dependents.  This project was initially funded by AECID, Spain.

The ASROY Shelter Home Can Offer the Following Services:

  • Safe home and food for vulnerable women and their children in danger (up to 6 months)IMG_7779
  • Free Information about laws and services available
  • Free Psychological and Legal support
  • Free Sewing Training to start Garments Job
  • Free vocational and skills trainings
  • Free Literacy lessons
  • Day care service for the children of women workers.
  • Health Care, Support Groups and other Activities