Handicraft Case Studies

Case Study of Rita: Daughter of Woman artisan

Pachful was the first girl in her village to leave for higher edupatchfulcation.  Rita is the daughter of Pachful, and though Rita’s father didn’t agree, Pachful gave Rita courage for go further and pursue an education also.

Pachful is now 45 years old, a typical Bengali woman who was in charge of preparing food for her family – two daughters, a son and her husband, Budhi Adhikari.  Budhi starts the day working as “day labor’ for farmer-businessmen, earning thirty to forty taka a day.  He delivers farm products to the customers of his employer.  With his earnings, the family could even send the children to school, but he was only concerned with sending his son to school, since he thought that daughters do not need to be educated.

Since the family was not earning enough money to meet their needs, Pachful became interested in joining Tarango to learn about jute handicraft skills training in the early 1990’s. Her job was weaving jute into hand-braided baskets, rugs, and other similar products.  With her income she could send Rita to a nearby school against her husband’s wishes. Rita made her mother proud and completed her Higher Secondary Diplome from Agoiljhora village. In 2011, she was accepted at Kabi Nazrul University & College in Dhaka.  With her mother’s support, she was able to afford to go to college. Rita’s father never agreed to continue her higher education. Pachful herself arranged admission fees from her savings, and Rita was able to stay with some distant relatives living in Dhaka. Rita came to Dhaka in 2011 with only 80 kg of rice and 14,000 taka for her school tuition. This was all that Pachful could manage at the time. Now her opinion is that “Tarango has changed our lives, easily, it changed our livelihood.”

Rita has completed her Honour’s degree in Law, and is in working on her Master’s degree in Management.  To help fund her continued education, she is also currently working as a teacher. Rita is the first girl of that village who move to Dhaka. Now, the next generation in her village have a dream to study too. It is fair trade – who gave courage to these women and brought educational light to this village where there is no electricity.