Establishing Fair Trade Handicraft Business for Indigenous Community in Bandarban

Project Location:  Rowangchhari Upazila, BandarbanDSC01744

Funded by: UKAID (SHIREE).

Total Budget: BDT 34,145,002

Project Period:  Year 2011-2014

Total Beneficiaries: 750 families

Purpose of this project is to contributing towards sustainable livelihood improvement of the poor and extremely poor households of indigenous community of Bandarban through crafts based skill training, production and marketing of traditional crafts – based on the motto of fair trade handicraft business.

Activities carried out:

A. Understanding of Indigenous Crafts, and Artisans skill improved:

61 traditional crafts have been collected from 11 indigenous communities and develop the replica product of that.

B. Market Oriented new product developed and promoted:

Crafts Emporium with training-cum-Production unit, craft museum, display & sales outlet and project office is under process.

55 Market Oriented Diversified Product developed

C. Craft based Group Formed Artisan skill developed:

  1. Area-based cluster group formation: 41 area-based groups formed

ii. Develop beneficiary database information: All 750 beneficiary’s database information/ profile prepared with their household information based on baseline reports.

iii. Organize orientation and experience sharing meetings with 750 beneficiaries

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