Golden Fibre: Sustainable Livelihoods for Jute Growers and Producers Project

This is a partnership project funded by UK aid, though DFID and the Tradecraft Exchange.  This project took place between June 2009 and March 2015 in Faridpur and Gopalganj, which are two of the poorest districts in Bangladesh.  However, very high quality jute is produced in these district, which is another reason why these areas were chosen. However jute growers face a number of problems: unfair prices; lack of quality seeds; lack of technical knowledge; unfavorable market linkages; and low domestic demand. Increasing numbers of poor jute growers are being forced to sell their produce at very low prices (often below the cost of production) to meet their basic needs (distress sales). To fulfill these gaps, Golden Fibre project has been undertaken.  4,000 farmers and their families benefited from this project.

1 - Harvesting

This photo shows the process of jute being harvested.