Improvement Working Condition for Weaver for its Productivities and Quality Improvement

Project Location: Ghorashin, Karatia, Tangail”.

Financed by: The Broadwall Foundation, England and TARANGO own fund

Budget (Annually): BDT 800,000

Project Period:  July to Dec 2011

Total Beneficiaries: 20 weaver families

Progress: Completed

A half wall with grill & tin roof (50ft long and 18 ft wide along with 10ft veranda) training cum weaver’s center had build for weaving production center along with 2 toilets. Rest 2 rooms are using as store cum sitting room and office room.

Another 40 ft long and 10 ft wide kachha(tin shade) room had constructed for dying center with simple water treatment facilities to prevent the soil pollution. Beside that, 1 tube well also placed to ensure pure drinking water. Through this project we also able to arrange electricity & solar light for enough lighting in the production centre. These facilities are giving an opportunity to these weavers to work in a healthy environment. Before that they were working at there home in a congested and unhealthy environment. Now they are working in a group and healthy environment which has increases the weaver’s productivity and improves their products quality which will lead income increment of the weavers and support to livelihood.