TARANGO Performs Dance Drama to Discuss Violence Against Women


November 25th was International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  TARANGO and a number of other NGOs got together to hold an event in the community.  It took place at an outdoor stage in Dhanmondi (an area of Dhaka), and hundreds of people came out to celebrate with us.  The event included speeches, dance performances, short plays, and a lively discussion on the challenges facing women in Bangladesh today.


One of the main components of the event was a dance-drama performance by the beneficiaries and employees of TARANGO.  The performance chronicles the life of one young girl as she grows up.  The story starts with her birth, and shows how she is treated differently than her brother, even from a young age.  As she grows up, she experiences verbal harassment on the street, and is discriminated against in her search for a job.  She marries a man who later turns out to be abusive, and finally decides to leave him to protect her own daughter in the future.  The play highlights many of the issues faced by women in Bangladesh today.



All of us at TARANGO are very proud of our team for working extremely hard over the last month to prepare for this performance.  The dance-drama was really able to articulate to a wider audience the problems facing women in Bangladesh.

You can watch the YouTube video of the performance by clicking here.