Mother and Child Health Care Support Programme

Project Location:  Kadambadi, Agoiljhara, Barisal

Financed by: Ms. Ruth Zumbuehl, Switzerland , Ms. Sheenagh Day, Masion Bangle,UK and TARANGO own fund.

Budget (Annually): BDT 203,000

Project Period:  Started at 2007

Primary Health Care Support

  • Doctors Advise/Prescriptions
  • Emergency Health Care support
  • Medicine Support

The project is implementing in 11 villages under 2 neighboring Upazila named & Kotalipara are belongs to two different Districts respectively Barisal & Gopalganj. In this reporting period more over 300 patients have been received treatment from project. Most of patients are pragnent and sick mother. Besides that a general and adolescent patients are taking the service from project.  To the poor patients, the project provides some medicinal support such as many Calcium, Iron & Vitamin etc, Vitamin, Amodis, Ascabiol, Saline, Napa, Histacin, Ascabiol, Seclo, Renitidine etc.

Health Care Program at Dhaka:

It is a pilot initiative by TAR inspired from Borisal success and started health care program for its women producers and their children at Dhaka office with the personal financial support of Dr, Farzana and Mr. Michel from UK One specialist Doctor with his/her assistance spent whole day in a month to see the patient without taking any fee.  TARANGO also distribute 50% free medicine to them according to prescription.