Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The WEDP (Women Entrepreneurship Development Program) started in 1997, and is one of the substantial programs of TARANGO.  WEDP assists many semi and non-literate women in Bangladesh, by helping them to start and improve their micro-business, in order to increase their income, improve their living conditions and raise their social status. TARANGO has developed, in co-operation with GTZ (German Technical Promotion), an entrepreneurship training program for non-literate women. The training is based on the CEFE approach (Competency based Economies through Formation of Enterprises), an experiential learning model, and is highly adapted and tailored to the Bangladesh environment.  TARANGO’s training capabilities in the fields of women entrepreneurship development and have expertise on the following training and consulting services:

  • New Business Creation training Courses for potential entrepreneurs (literate).
  • Entrepreneurship for Non and Semi literate groups
  • Business Improvement and Expansion Course for existing entrepreneurs.
  • Doorstep Business Counseling Services to micro entrepreneurs
  • Training of Trainers on Entrepreneurship Development (TOT)
  • Gender and Business Training
  • Entrepreneurship for VTC (Vocational Training Course) Students
  • Small business management training for the Farmer
  • Tailor made course (Demand based) of business management
  • Product development and Skill development training on Handicraft and marketing.
  • Studies on “Livelihood Development”, “Alternative Business Opportunities” and Enterprise developments.
  • Business Improvement and Expansion Course for existing small and micro entrepreneurs.